Engineering Forensics Group is composed of competent, experienced professionals in the field of traffic accident reconstruction. Every accident involves unique factors that require a thorough understanding of the science of accident reconstruction. Our engineers are trained and experienced in numerous types of accident investigations. Our firm has analyzed thousands of traffic accidents ranging from roller skates, skateboards, go-peds, bicycles, motorcycles, ATV, go cart, automobile, heavy commercial vehicles, tractors, trains, and other motorized vehicles.

EFG utilizes technology such as three dimensional data acquisition equipment and software to ensure precise and accurate measurements and field studies, a Crash Data Retrieval System to access a vehicle’s “black box” data and computer simulation software to better understand the dynamics of accident involved vehicles.

Our engineers provide meaningful, honest consultation to our clients to explain the events and contributing factors related to an accident and have been qualified in state and federal courts to provide expert testimony related to traffic accident reconstruction.

Please contact Engineering Forensics Group at 865-281-0068 to discuss your case with one of our experienced professional engineers.



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