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Engineering Forensics Group, Inc. (EFG) is a forensic engineering company involved in a variety of litigation, risk management evaluations, insurance claim evaluations, etc.  Some of these actions evolve into litigation or mediation which require engineering expert testimony to help those deciding the specific matter understand the complex and technical issues which are involved in the matter being litigated or mediated.

EFG had a team of professional engineers who have experience in providing expert testimony in courts, commission hearings, meditations, and other forums throughout the United States.  EFG's experts work very hard to take complex and technical matters and discuss them in a manner which can be understood by the forum who the expert is explaining the issue with including our valued clients.

EFG provides both internal and external training to keep our experts up to date and able to not only verbalize the issues but use state of the art displays, animations, graphics, and models to enhance the testimony.  EFG's experts have been recognized as "experts" by Federal, State and local courts on numerous matters without being disqualified.  This factor alone speaks to the ability of our team of experts to provide professional expert testimony on the variety of subjects each expert is qualified to speak about.


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