Traffic and Roadway Engineering Consulting

Roadways should be capable of carrying users to their destinations both safely and efficiently.  Engineering Forensics Group has the experienced staff to help you achieve both.  We have experience working with designers and agencies through all stages of projects to provide a safe route at as high a level of service as possible.  We can assist you in traffic impact analyses or the review of such reports on new developments, or we can help you find defects and suitable countermeasures on existing roadways and intersections.  Some of the services we offer include:

  •        Traffic Impact Analyses
  •        Traffic Counts and Intersection Counts
  •        Roadway Safety Audit Reviews
  •        Driveway Permits & Design
  •        Signal Timing & Design
  •        Traffic Engineering Consultation
  •        Traffic Control Plans – Temporary & Permanent
  •        Traffic Speed Studies
  •        Maintenance Consulting

Several elements make up a properly designed roadway infrastructure.  Proper signage is important, because this is the primary method of communication with the driver.  Signage needs to clearly convey regulatory restrictions, as well as warnings for potential hazards or unexpected conditions.

The surface of the roadway itself should be designed and maintained free of defects.  The roadway should also be designed to support the intended speed of motorists.  This includes curvature, superelevation (banking) and sight distance, among other variables.

Roadway networks should be maintained to provide the highest level of service available.  This can be difficult to achieve with constantly changing loads.  Traffic signal patterns must be adjusted, and regular improvements must be made to keep up with demand.  Engineering Forensics Group can analyze your traffic demands and provide recommendations for necessary improvements.

EFG is an engineering consulting firm, and as such we are available to work with you in whatever capacity you require.

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