Many civil engineering projects such as commercial developments, governmental projects, private property construction, etc. involve engineering design, permitting issues, and construction issues.  Throughout the process of planning, zoning, design, construction, and maintenance, these projects may have inherent defects created in each of these phases which can lead to personal injury or economic loss.  Engineering Forensics Group, Inc. (EFG) has an experienced staff who are capable of analyzing civil engineering defects and providing expert opinions which have proven to assist both claims representative and attorneys who are trying to resolve issues which arise from potential disputes.

EFG’s services include evaluation of site designs, construction documents, inspections, planning and zoning issues and other civil issues. The civil engineering field has many sub-specialties such as structures, environmental, etc. which EFG is not qualified to evaluate but most general civil engineering matters EFG has evaluated and has been qualified in numerous courts throughout the United States. 

EFG works as a member of a team of experts to assist our valued clients in reaching an acceptable resolution to the issues involved the matters being litigated or alleged claims.


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