Engineering Forensics Group, Inc. (EFG) provides educational services most providing continuing education credits for our valued clients and others who are involved in the various forensic matters EFG is engaged.  EFG is deeply committed to providing education to help our clients understand the technical matters in today's various forensic matters.  Classes are routinely offered throughout the United States and most are offered at no cost to those who elect to attend. Classes are kept small and informal so that the subject matter can be understood by all.  Class materials and various reference materials are generally provided free of charge or at a nominal fee so the students can have resource information on the subject taught which can be used on claims or litigation matters as they arise.

 Classes includes subjects such as:
The Accident Reconstructionist in Litigation, Using Engineers in Condemnation, EDR (Event Data Recorders or "Black Boxes") Workshop, "Black Boxes" in Trucks, Documenting Accidents in Construction Zones, and others on a needed basis.  Dates for upcoming classes can be found on our webpage at or call (865) 281-0068 for specific information.

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